I am still very much feeling like I am on holiday. This is probably due to the fact that despite having a lot of work to actually do, it is near impossible to get anything done around the children. I feel in limbo but it doesn’t feel bad. School goes back very soon and before I know it I will have five days a week on my hands. As of next week I will only have school kids! Bittersweet. More on that later (sobsniff) but in the meantime I’m going to reminisce a bit more about our holiday. Please indulge me in a little sharing of holiday snaps.
I know, I know. I’m worse than your second cousins aunt twice removed who is on her way over with a slide projector and a bottle of cheap wine. We were actually lucky enough to have two holidays. Tasmania’s up first.
We spent ten lovely long routine free, relaxing days over Christmas and I had a chance to really revel in the company of family. Otto revelled in the company of his new skate board. It was the first time in a long while that my siblings and I were in the same place at once and considering how very close we all are, there might have been actual hearts exploding. Extreme love. And a whole dang lot of fun!
We took turns staying at Andy’s Mum’s house and my Mum’s house but my favourite was staying at my brothers farm, about on hour out of Hobart. He’s practically building house and landscaping his property all on his own. High fives bro, you are most excellent.

Tomorrow snaps from our second holiday to Wellington and then that’s it. Back to regular blogging and Mosey news. Promise!


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