Thankyou Giveaway!!


Looking at my busted up digits the other day, I wished I had beautiful soft hands, long sculpted nails and smooth cuticles. Love me a smooth cuticle. Seriously. Then I realised the state of my hands is an occupational health and safety side effect. Call the union! If you sew daily you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t then picture this. Short, stubby nails, little scars from endless pin pricking, ragged cuticles from nervous, absentminded chewing when orders are looming and slivers of unremoved nail polish. Noice.
But I have to say, I’m proud of these funny old hands of mine. They certainly have never been idle, something that hit me a couple of weeks ago when I past the 50th sale mark on etsy. It got me thinking and before long I worked out that over the past year, combining etsy sales and orders from my fabulous stockists, I have made over 150 mobiles, 21 Hankey Blankeys and enough bunting that if I joined it end to end, I’m sure I could wrap the world up twice.
This is certainly cause for thanks and celebration. So I’ve decided to have a giveaway, hip, hip hooray! I’m terribly excited about this! All you need to do is leave me a comment and let me know which mobile or bunting is your favorite and if your name gets randomly selected, I will send your favorite straight to you, wherever you are in the world!
Extra entry if you retweet my giveaway tweet! So go on, spread the word and quickly, I will be drawing a winner on Sunday night.

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  1. These are so cute, my sister was due to have her little daughter today but has yet to pop out, I am rather excited. She is also moving into a little cottage next week. This would be a perfect little gift.

    She already purchased a mobile so I think a bunting would be rather cute for the room, this one would go very well –

    I also have retweeted the blog on my twitter –

    Have a great week xo

  2. ‘Every time Mum takes us to visit the friendly lady called Amber in her fun shop, I marvel at some twigs and black flying things that hang just above my Mum’s head. They’re A-Maaazing.’
    - Felix, 9.5 months
    ‘To be honest, Felix is all on about the mono fluttery things, but when it comes to me, I just like anything that hangs. Hangin’ is cool, man’
    - Zachary, 9.5 months

  3. My babies are teenagers and too old.
    I’m not a grandma ‘cos those teenagers are too young.
    But I’ll happily stash a gorgeous Flutter Mobile in Crimson away for that day…

  4. Hi there! I love the Flutter Mobile in Crimson!! What a marvellous idea to use the twigs, and the invisible thread to hang the butterflies is great!! Expecting baby 3 in a few weeks, our last mobile (which has made it through 2 babies growing up) is in little pieces all over the house!

  5. I love the vintage colourful bunting… your stuff is wonderful and thanks for the chance.

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