The year that was…

So 2013, what have you got for me then eh?!

Last year started off a complete fizzer if you can remember. It was fraught from the first day. We crammed so much into 2012, too much probably and it wasn’t until November that I realised that I hadn’t had a break. A weekend off, a day when I wasn’t either with my children or with my sewing machine both of which I adore, but looking back all I see is a blurry ball of kids, housework, needles and strands of thread permanently caught in my hair….
In lots of ways last year was spent laying foundations, so looking back I suppose that was why it seemed so hectic. I took Mosey to Life Instyle and added a whole heap of lovely new stockists to my list, started the hunt for a studio, created a new website and launched two new products. There was The Block The Design Files Open House and remember the window I did for Craft Victoria? A personal highlight for sure. There was heaps of great press from some of my favorite print publications and online blogs. I continue to feel grateful for the amount of enthusiasm I receive for the work that I do. I may only create two or three things a year but I work so hard and obsessively to make them new, different and exciting things that I’ve come to accept that that is just how it is. Quality over quantity? I can only hope.
Maybe I’ll feel confident enough to even branch out and buy in bulk this year! Maybe I don’t have to shy away from from those 100 minimum quantities! There is some longevity to this business of mine and I’m pinching myself because it’s really starting to feel as though I have created the job of my dreams. Something fulfilling and something I can be proud of.
I complained a lot about not seeing as much of Andy last year as I would have liked. Again I feel as though 2012 was the year for laying some solid foundations and his many overseas trips and late nights at work meant that he and the boys are starting the year with a bang. His work for Nike was mind-blowing and the latest project I can’t wait to share with you here. It’s just a bit top secret at the moment. Not a secret is how much, despite his busy-ness, he still found time to help me  with Mosey. I lean on him daily for all things tech, financial and emotional…which actually probably explains his commitment to strengthening his abdominal muscles. I lean pretty hard.
We are by no means a perfect couple and I do recall bickering throughout the whole month of February. The whole month! But we are a team and I am beyond blessed to have the husband I do.
I spent a chunk of last year worrying about my mothering skills. That probably won’t ever go away but if I have a resolution for this year it will be to lessen the time spent worrying and actually looking at where I am going right as a parent. I seem to be surrounded by a lot of new Mum’s at the moment. A lot of my close friends have had or are having their first babies just as Andy and I are leaving babyhood behind forever (yes forever! and to be honest that third child longing I once had has finally gone. I will continue to LOVE babies. I am that crazy baby woman in the supermarket but do I want to start over now with the sleepless nights, nappies, tears?…nowaynohow.) And after being referred to by one of my besties as her ‘go-to mum’ I realised that I must be doing something right.
These two continue to be the two most shiniest, reddest, delicious-est apples of my eye.

So I start 2013 refreshed after a fabulous break, ready to tackle the steady stream of orders that have already started coming through, see the things that didn’t come to fruition leap from the sketchbook to fabric and continue to learn and be inspired by anything and everything around me.

*a mishmash of photos that didn’t make it to the blog last year.

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