Happy 3rd Birthday Little Coco. I love you. From head to toe, inside and out. You are the funniest lady I know and just like your brother, you have taught me much more than I will ever teach you.
I love how goofy you are, how you sing off key. Loudly. How you dance and paint and create and talk. You never stop and you have so much to say! And it’s funny too!

‘Mama I can’t draw with this orange pencil anymore.’ ‘Why’s that darling?’ ‘Because it’s out of control.’
‘What are you doing Coco?’ ‘Just taking Daddy his manboots’

‘(after stubbing my toe) Don’t cry Mama. I’ll just lick your tears away’

I love watching Otto and you together. The games you play are so imaginative and tricky. They way you treat each other is so respectful and sweet. You really are such magical children I sometimes have to stop and take a breath and then pinch myself because I just feel so lucky. Do you really belong to me? Really?
You are my lovely little lady, smart and brave and so very dear and even though I often find your hair in my sandwiches I wouldn’t trade you in for all the tea in China.
You are just so perfectly you.
Can we be best friends forever? I hope so.
Love Mama xx

11 Responses to Three!

  1. what a spectacular photo!!!! love you darling grand daughter Coco, See you next week Kitty xxxxx

  2. Cutest. Post. Ever. Happy Birthday Coco. You are the cutest girl with possible the best hair I’ve ever seen. I hope you’ve all had an awesome day xx

  3. dear coco,
    you’ve got Good Hair. don’t ever let anyone put tracks up in your bizniz.
    i love you just the way you are, pout, husky voice & painted nail.
    xxxxx much love, aunty zindz

  4. gorgeous. gorgeous post!!
    i know i am a bit late but happy birthday coco. i hope you had a beautiful day.
    and yay to you madeleine – loved seeing your work in frankie!!
    and the craft vic interview. im popping into hatch this weekend so hope to say hi!
    you are one busy lady at the moment. dont know how you do it and with andy away!!
    need any help shout out. could lend a hand at the market if needed.
    xx evie

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