You may or may not have noticed in the excitement of the cushions, that I’ve been making teeny weeny tiny Dreamer mobiles. So cuuute!
Er, if I do say so myself….AND last night was the opening of The Design Files Open House! Hence the lippy. I took Otto as my plus one and we had a lot of fun. The children’s room is pretty bonkers. Actually very bonkers! There is a great photo here. Otto had a turn on the swing, picked up everything on the desk, tried to hop in one of the Mini’s and declared he wanted to make a purchase.
I said don’t we all mate. Don’t we all.
It was too crazy to actually buy anything last night but I made a (modest) Christmas list for Andy who is going back for a Jardan event tomorrow night (his studio, is re-designing the new Jardan website). The list includes a Jen Booth pouch, one of Sandra Eterovic amazing sculptures and anything Marimekko. Otto wants the Mini.
And excuse the fuzzy pic up there (and my huge African forehead), it’s straight from instagram. Everything anyone has ever told me about instagram is true and two weeks into opening an account I concur. Crazy fun!

4 Responses to Tiny

  1. oh the tiny mobile is the cutes. hot lippy lips lady and what huge forehead are you talking about. you crazy!
    sandra’s work is the best. great list.

  2. I love these dreamer mobiles. I love that you’re on Instagram and I love those gorgeous red lips of yours (do I sound freaky saying that?!). And the face they’re attached to is pretty cute too. Plus your plus one. He is cute too. xx

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