The truth behind school holidays

And believe me I want to tell lies. Big ones!! I want to say I plan craft activities and excursions. Excursions where I pack nutritional, yet tasty home made treats and we skip gaily through the meadow finding the perfect picnic spot. I want to show you all the wonderful things I make with the kids. The toilet paper roll creatures, the cereal box masks, the paper maiche dolls…. But if I did, it would be a terrible lie and this blog is not for lies. It’s for the cold hard truth.
Yes I include pretty pictures and yes I write about the good things that are happening with my work and my family. This is partly due to the fact that things are good, great in fact. I’m happier than I’ve ever been! Andy is doing very well at work, my kids are beautiful and sweet and bring me so much pleasure and mosey is going full steam ahead with some great new stockists (more on that later) and projects in the works. But the fact of the matter is, is that the blogs I love to read are the ones where things are not perfectly perfect, where people share their good and bad news, where I feel like I can comment and say ‘me too! I know where you’re coming from!’ I like the blogs that share real life and that’s where I feel as though my blog fits in and where I can contribute. Don’t get me wrong I love the blogs that show beautiful things, where I can get lost in the images, imagine life in a house like that or being able to be clever like this, but then real life happens and I come thumping back down to earth and I want to know that there are people like me, giving it a go, getting it wrong but keeping on trying.
So I did take some pics of our place amidst the holiday and new shop order due chaos. And I did download them ready to put them up here….and then I stopped, somehow I couldn’t seem to press upload *finger hovering getting closer….nup* can’t do it. Does this mean I’m not keeping it real? Does this mean I’m being a hypocrite? Or am I just protecting myself from child services? Who knows? And really perhaps whatever? Phew so many questions, with such little importance in the grand scheme of things.
I guess if I’m honest, which I try to be always, I’m not proud of the way things look around here and not everything needs to be shared.
But lordy, we’re having fun! There is a cubby house that takes up the whole living space and there are hot air balloons in boxes and 100′s of hankeys hanging from a clotheshorse in the kitchen and the kids are throwing soft toys up and down the stairs and there has been movies and computer games, fights and make ups, me hiding in the cupboard to avoid playing another board game, pyjama days and a whole lot of mess. We are baking huge chocolate cakes and lemon slices and anzac biscuits and not cleaning up until the next day (gasp!) and I have stepped on more lego than I care to remember.
Eventually it will all get packed up and a new school term will begin and we will go back to a relatively neat-ish household, but for the time being chaos rules!
And yes we did find a hair in the cake.

2 Responses to The truth behind school holidays

  1. Goodness, it can’t be that bad, CAN IT??? Let’s face it, you’re an aesthete so it’s perfectly understandable not to want to present your house in anything but the coolest, most eye candy way. But by the sounds of things, you guys are making lots of fun things (hello, a cubby that takes up the whole living room?!?) and lemon slice (um, yum.). You don’t have to utilise an old toilet roll in a craft project to be creative. Surely it’s all about the imagination. (Although perhaps you should be getting into the home made healthy snacks. That’s my inner my-parents-are-naturopaths talking. Shut UP.) Kellie xx PS I thought you were kidding about hiding in the cupboard. Hilarious!!

  2. hey your doing a lot better then me. we napped all last week…my poor littles. they keep asking if we are going to do anything fun this break. x.

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