Up, up and crochet!

I’ve written about my grandmother before and how crafty she but I’ve never told you that the craft genes going back, don’t end with her. Her mother, my great-grandmother who we have always fondly called Kookie, was very clever and creative with her hands too. I was lucky enough to receive this in the mail just the other day from Granny. I’d never seen it before and Granny had forgotten all about it until now. It’s a crocheted hot air balloon with 2, slightly disintegrating celluloid dolly’s with tiny sewn on capes, taking a wee ride.Kookie crocheted around a light bulb to make the balloon part and ad-libbed the rest. Granny said Kookie made it for her children, that’s my mum and her siblings and it was very much a make it up as you go along, ‘let’s see what I can come up with to amuse the grand children’ type thing. It’s completely and utterly creative and tricky, two of my favorite things. I also love how 50 or so years later (yes it’s that old!) I am making hot air balloons.
Serendipity? Destiny? A lovely coincidence? Whatever you call it, I’m holding this revelation very close to my heart because it makes me feel very happy and connected to this long line of creative ladies.

9 Responses to Up, up and crochet!

  1. That is so fantstic! My mum has been showing me some of her old knitting patterns and they’re so great. I love looking at stuff from the past. This crotched hot air balloon is super cute.

  2. You are featured in the lark newsletter for the month, which I’m sure you already know!!

  3. It must be in your genes! And makes your beautiful balloons all that more special! Have a great weekend you guys. Kellie xx

  4. this is fantastic! i love that craft is in your genes. so many crafty bloggers have been inspired by their grannys. thanks for dropping by my part of the blogworld. x

  5. That is so cute….seriously genetically blessed are your crew!!… Look out for your invite to join our website in the next two weeks xx

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