The shop has finally been updated*. Phew. I’d like to act as though it was no big thing, but it was, IT WAS. It takes time and patience and a gentle touch shooting mobiles. Case in point; Andy captured my magic voodoo hands above trying to still the Rainbow Dreamer feathers and then slowly back out of shot. It’s a process I tells ya. I won’t go through everything that’s there, it’s better you have a poke around yourself, but aside from the actual brand new products you might see that some of the balloons look a little different. Well, if you picked it, good for you. I choose to buy fabric in limited quantities so I don’t have to look at the same fabric for months on end and it also makes each item truly unique. For example, the blue balloon started off with a particular combination of six fabrics, then as one ran out I replaced it with the same blue tones, but a different print. Eventually when there were only two of the original fabrics to four new ones, it became time to update the photos. It keeps things fresh and special, two things that I believe are important in a product.

*Still to come are single feathers, Hankey balls and two new Hankey Blankeys. In the next couple of days. Promise.

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