Last week and this week…

So it’s been an interesting past couple of weeks and by interesting I mean overwhelming and by past couple of weeks I mean this year so far. I managed to get to the market in one piece. Well, I can’t remember if I brushed my teeth but I did have clothes on that in itself is quite remarkable. Looking after 2 kids on your own is fine if you have nothing else going on. But I had plenty on my plate and even though I can be very organised and patient, the logistics of the 10 days of Andy being overseas, plus the market plus work at the shop were beyond me and I had to send for help. Help came in the form of my super extraordinary mother who flew in and basically saved the day. She really is something else all together. My granny came too which I’m not sure was so helpful (for Mum it was like having an extra child) but she is alot of fun and we did have a great time and despite the fact that she is 84 she still is quite spritely and up for anything and she certainly knows how to rock a walking stick.

The market was pretty quiet (long weekend and beautiful weather) but feedback on the balloons was so positive and I spent most of the time looking like a grinning idiot as people complimented my wares. Next step will be putting them on etsy which will be in a week or so. I had my sister with me at the market and was next to beautiful Jess from teddybearswednesday, which made the day go much faster being surrounded by such niceness.Otto and Coco were great whilst Andy was away. I have really easy kids. Yes they argue and sometimes I have to call them like a hundred times to come to dinner but that’s a given. They make being a mother really simple and whilst we all pined for Andy, we certainly managed. Speaking of Andy, he is home safe and sound, bubbling over with news of Botswana and South Africa. His photos are amazing. Naturally. I plan on stealing some for the blog soon.
This week I will be organising my etsy shop, adding the balloons, bunting and blankets (oh my), posting a few of my most recent purchases (interesting because they are made by really cool peeps!) and rambling on in my usual ramble-some way. I really miss blogging when I don’t get to so I’m desperately hoping for some one on one time with the computer…so romantic.

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  1. amazing post! i love the balloons! and i adore the pics of grannie and co and otts! and i know those bears and love them.
    see you next week! weeee!!!

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