Just some weekend pretty…

1. Andy and our Christmas tree.
2, 3 & 4. Christmas card/decoration crafting and Coco making me laugh with her colour co-ordination of pom-poms. ‘Separate bowls please Mama’. Oookaay….
5. Two boys Hankey Blankeys that are now completed and winging their way to a new (and lovely!) stockist, Harley and Soo.
6. Adding to my extensive collection of op-shopped, mostly Pyrex, carafes. They will be out in full force (filled with all sorts of yummy cocktails) as we are hosting Christmas lunch this year. Eek!
7. Clowning around with Coco. Oh my. That face.
8. New fancy shoes for lunch with the girls. Yep…I totally copied Beci! Thanks Beci!

6 Responses to Just some weekend pretty…

  1. Haha – I thought I recognised those shoes! Gorgeous blankets and that pic of Coso is unreal. So bloody cute! Hope you guys are all well, happy crafting. xx

  2. Bloody hell I love your toe nail polish! Coco you are ridiculously too cute. Bring on christmas cocktails in those jugs! (So not intended to sound bawdy.) xxxx.

  3. Love those jugs, blankets, tree, shoes but most of all I LOVE that funny little face. Coco is ridiculously gorgeous. To have her eyelashes. Sigh. xx Ps Yes, I sewed the bloomers by hand. Quite relaxing actually!

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