It’s a wrap!

What a crazy-town weekend I’ve had! It’s taken me 3 full days and nights to recover. I also had some serious book reading, lego playing, guitar listening, dancing and scooting to catch up on with the kids. Otto has told me to NEVER do another Finders Keepers again! Advice that I will keep in mind next time I commit to something so all consuming when I have a million other things happening at the same time.

The market was fun. I met so many new people and caught up with some old friends aswell. I was in between two fantastic ladies, Zoe from Wah-Wah Wears and Sam from Ohme Ohmi. We spent alot of time chatting, eating chocolate and discussing markets in general. I finally met the delightful Penny in person, caught up with Shannon who’s stall was styled up so beautifully, talked Ballarat house prices with the seriously lovely and inspiring AllisonMorgan generously gave me advice on First Instyle, she’s so lovely too and Cintia ‘ridiculously clever with a needle’ Gonzalez and I discussed how back breaking sewing can be when preparing for a market. Pip and I spied each other wearing the same mexican embroidered dress from Cottage Industry and remarked on our combined gorgeousness. Clever Jess from Teddy Bears Wednesday came and introduced herself much to my delight, as we are both stallholders at the next Craft  Hatch market. I also met Victoria Mason which left me a little star struck and I twice went to say hi to Madeleine Stamer but got totally shy and embarrassed and could only gaze at her beautiful wares from afar. There is something wrong with me, I realise this! I am constantly intimidated by clever, creative people. I often get tongue tied and compensate by gushing and possibly end up scaring people I’m sure. Best to keep quiet? I remarked to Andy within earshot of Otto about my feeling of being an imposter at these types of things as everyone is just so great, too great at what they do. Otto told me I need to really work on my self esteem. Again, thanks Otto, advice to keep in mind. (Beginning to wonder if Otto is actually more like a pint sized life coach and less like my 8 yr old son.)
Seriously though, everyone was soooo nice and friendly,both in front and behind the stalls. There was also a real comraderie amongst the stall holders which all in all made for such a nice weekend. Thanks too to my lovely pals, Mum and sister who swung by for moral support, brought me chocolate, a cocktail (!),looked after the children and kept me company over the weekend. And Andy, oh Andy….mumble, mumble,sorry for the, mumble, mumble, hysterics,mumble, tantrum, um, er…..kiss and make up?
I’m glad it’s over but I’m so glad I did it.
Next up Craft Hatch…but before then I am working on some really great custom orders, pics very soon!

4 Responses to It’s a wrap!

  1. Indeed you are too humble-crumble Ms Mads!!! You be listenin to that smart young lad of yours!

    BTW I have managed to figure out that lil wordpress issue – so keep your eyes peeled for my Finders Keepers post! Hopefully it will be up this morning. Cross fingers . . . and toes! x

  2. I stumbled across your blog by chance to read such a sad post, geez I wish you had said hello and introduced yourself to me, I would have given you a big bear hug! Pleazzze don’t hesitate next time and vice versa. By the way I noticed your sons name is Otto! Otto has always been my name of choice since I was a young lass and my husband happens to love it too. We have 2 girls so opted for Ada, a palindrome no less. We’ll have to wait till we get a boy dog… Hope to meet for real one day. p.s I was eyeing off your beautiful mobiles at the market, LOVE them. You are clever! xo Madeleine (the other one)

  3. Heh! I did the same thing at Madeleine’s stall too! It was on the Sunday afternoon and I was pretty crazed by then, so it’s probably good. Anyway, I would like a bear hug too, so maybe I should say hi next time?

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