Last Friday evening was Otto’s school fete. It was country themed and so much fun. Scarecrows and pony rides, toffee apples and preserves, second hand books, sausages in bread, cowboy costume competitions and of course a craft stall that I was happy to help with for the second year in a row, because obviously I love me some craft. And I also have a hard time saying no.I have always enjoyed school fete’s and have never been able to pass by one without stopping, even before having children. It’s the coconut ice I swear! We are so very happy with Otto’s school. It’s really lovely and with this fete being the biggest fundraiser for the year, it’s all hands on deck and everyone contributes/helps as best they can. Last year I was exposed as a crafty, sewing lady and was asked to come up with easy craft ideas that sewing and non-sewing mums could make quickly, but nicely. Last year we had all sorts of gorgeous things and the craft stall did really well. This year I was a little time poor so was only able to come up with a couple of new ideas but adding onto the templates from last year we still managed to fill a table with handmade goodness. I am thinking there is a book deal in this somewhere. ‘Super Simple Craft for Time Poor School Mums Who Are Unable To Help Out With Anything Much Else During The Year So The Guilt Leads Them To Sew Up Storm As Compensation’ No? Why?…The title is so succint…..It was a huge effort by all, but with these types of things, someone does have to be in charge and this year it was my really lovely friend Helen who organised the whole darn thing. Mother of two, Kiwi dynamite and all round amazing lady, Helen kept the whole thing running like clockwork with barely a sweat raised. Well, perhaps she did raise a tiny sweat when the clouds rolled in over Melbourne around 7pm, but I’m thinking after the mini storm subsided it was business as usual and whilst I snuck off home with my drenched husband and children, she kept things rolling right through till the 9pm firework finale. The show must go on indeed!
I really love the friendships I have made at Otto’s school. It makes me sad to think that we will have to change schools when we buy a house. Sigh. At least we’ll always have the annual school fete….

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  1. Maddie
    Such gorgeous sentiments, and those photos are straight out of Country Style – did you take them can i please please get copies?

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